Alt Right Top 40

Alt Right Top 40

  Website Daily visitors Daily pageviews Alexa rank
1 4chan 3 648 197 32 833 773 227
2 Breitbart 1 012 956 2 542 520 959
3 Infowars 370 810 897 360 2214
4 181 873 1 100 334 6479
5 The Gateway Pundit 171 637 257 456 7463
6 Daily Stormer 79 231 380 309 13421
7 Truthfeed 33 383 53 414 42040
8 33 065 69 438 39825
9 Taki’s Magazine 22 255 53 414 46221
10 Chateau Heartiste 21 308 41 552 53388
11 Red Ice 20 831 41 663 68708
12 20 737 35 253 72043
13 Vox Popoli 19 591 41 534 58711
14 The Right Stuff 17 313 50 209 57296
15 15 202 19 763 133084
16 American Renaissance 13 056 23 502 70649
17 Westmonster 11 395 17 092 95356
18 Vdare 11 027 34 185 84768
19 Katehon 10 368 17 626 80042
20 American Greatness 9 711 10 682 163377
21 Counter-currents 8 714 16 558 127196
22 Infostormer 5 969 10 148 178378
23 Occidental Dissent 5 786 13 887 141876
24 The Occidental Observer 5 341 8 012 163937
25 Amerika 4 644 10 682 275499
26 Narrative Collapse 3 560 6 409 118880
27 Social Matter 2 893 6 943 313994
28 The New Observer 2 136 5 341 149952
29 Anonymous Conservative 2 136 2 136 471106
30 Smash Cultural Marxism 2 136 2 136 1167605
31 Western Spring 1 602 3 204 305466
32 Council of European Canadians 1 602 3 204 664423
33 Thermidor 1 602 1 602 628328
34 Men Of The West 1 068 2 136 547862
35 Jim’s Blog 1 419 1 987 415436
36 Outside In 934 3 739 551144
37 Ramzpaul 801 1 602 987697
38 European Civil War 534 1 068 690741
39 Trad Youth 534 534 907254
40 Visegrad Post 534 534 1071876

C4ISR Theory

The American Revolution’s leadership, George Washington et al, consisted mostly of freemasons. What made freemasonry relevant was not the hocus pocus but the fact that as an organization it provided a ready made C4ISR structure.

C4ISR is the military acronym for Command, Control, Computers, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. An organization that has these elements is a C4ISR entity.

The American Revolution was led by masonic lodges that had adapted their suite of C4ISR characteristics to revolutionary conditions:

  1. Predefined hierarchical structure (command)
  2. Predefined hierarchical relations (control)
  3. Secret communication system (communications)
  4. Archive files on friendlies, neutrals and enemies (computers)
  5. Infiltrator prevention and investigation (intel)
  6. Agents assigned to monitoring enemy activity (surveillance)
  7. Infiltrator entryists in judiciary, police, port authority, etc (recon)

Developing such a structure takes decades. When revolutionary conditions arise, having it pre made is a decisive advantage.

What made George Washington a successful revolutionary was his being seated inside a functioning C4ISR entity before the conflict began.

It had nothing to do with his idealism, fervor or revolutionary spirit. And it had nothing to do with freemasonic hocus pocus. It was all about right place, right time.

Examples of contemporary C4ISR entities:

  1. Freemasonry
  2. Criminal syndicates
  3. Rogue government intel
  4. Islamic mosques
  5. Jewish synagogues

In the event of economic or governmental collapse or of widespread civil unrest, revolutionary outcomes, if any, will be guided by currently existing C4ISR entities, such as the ones listed above. White people will not be represented among the factions vying for power because there are no contemporary C4ISR entities with pro white purpose.

This is our single biggest problem.

Race Mixing

Aristotle writes

The class which farms it should, ideally, if we can choose at will, be slaves – but slaves not drawn from a single stock, or from stocks of a spirited temperament. This will at once secure the advantage of a good supply of labor and eliminate any danger of revolutionary designs.
Aristotle on Immigration, Diversity, and Democracy

Gary Brecher writes

The revolts started early and just kept on coming. Now this is a weird thing, the way the Haitian slaves kept on fighting back. Because — and I’m sorry to be so un-PC here, but it’s the truth — slaves in the British possession didn’t revolt much. There never was a big, serious slave revolt in the South, for example. Not even when the Union troops got close. Even then the slaves did what their masters told them to do.
But the French didn’t do as good a job of breaking down the new slaves. The English in Jamaica, Barbados and the Southern US states made sure slaves from different tribes were mixed up, made it punishable by flogging or worse to speak African languages, and forced the blacks to find Christ or die. (Ah, you gotta love those Evangelical assholes!)
The French were sloppy. They let slaves from the same tribes stay together and speak their African languages. They let escaped slaves set up their own villages way inside the tropical forests. They let the slaves keep up African religions — that’s what voodoo is. And they started up a separate mulatto class.

Guess what? It blowed up. It blowed up real good. The first big explosion was in 1751. A voodoo priest stirred up the escaped slaves in the forest and they attacked the settlements. The field slaves joined them, and 6,000 people died before the French captured the voodoo priest and burned him at the stake.

Then came the French Revolution. Kaboom! All Hell breaks loose, not just in Europe but everywhere the French had colonized. The radicals in Paris order that any mulatto who owns land can vote and be a citizen. The Haiti colonists say no way. So this time it’s the mulattos who revolt, in 1790. And the funny part is that this time, the black slaves get payback on their light-skinned ex-friends by joining the French to stomp the rebel mulattoes.

In 1791, just one year after they helped the French crush the mulatto rebellion, the blacks started their own. It was the big one, with a half-dozen brilliant guerrilla commanders, some of them smart and decent like Toussaint l’Ouverture, and others just plain scary, like Jeannot, the guy whose armies marched with a white baby on a pike as their flag.
They had a simple policy: kill every white you find, and burn everything. They torched the whole island. Ships at sea said the place was smoking literally for months.
Homage To Haiti: A War Nerd Classic

The Ancients knew that a person with an identity made for a dangerous slave. Identity enables organization and organization enables revolt.

The English race-mixed their Africans, destroyed their identity and made them permanent slaves. In contrast, the French did not race-mix their Africans and as a result the Africans organized, revolted and exterminated them.

The purpose of identity is to enable the expression of group interests in order to resist exploitation.

The purpose of race mixing is the destruction of identity in order to enable the creation of slaves.

Alt Happy


The Telegraph writes

Conservatives are happier with their sex lives than Left-wing people, a YouGov survey has found. People on the Right of the political spectrum were the most satisfied with their sex life, with those who describe themselves as “very Right-wing” the happiest.

Right-wing people are happier with their sex lives, survey finds

Heartiste writes

The latest research has discovered that conservatives are, on average, better looking than are liberals. Yet another Chateau maxim based on real life observation is affirmed by the labcoats: Shitlibbery is the ideology of the ugly, infirm, freakish, and degenerate, whose motivation is driven primarily by a desire to upend normal society and replace it with a dystopian system that is more accommodating of their physical and psychological afflictions.

Refugee Pimping As A Form Of PUA Peacocking

The Racism Cycle


Lawrence Auster writes

A good way to understand the impact of massive nonwhite immigration on American society is to compare it to the impact of preferential minority admissions in the university. As Dinesh D’Souza has described it in Illiberal Education, universities admit underqualified minority students, while assuring them that they are perfectly well qualified.

When these students find themselves having academic difficulties, they blame “institutional racism,” then they blame the curriculum itself, which they say is culturally alien to them. The administration, not wanting to admit the truth, eagerly agrees with the minority activists that racism is at work. In effect, the administration makes the entire university community, especially the white students and the faculty, the scapegoat for a racial inequality that was created by the administration itself when it admitted unqualified minorities.

The school then sets up coercive “anti-racist” programs and speech codes aimed at whites, and adopts multicultural curricula and intellectual standards that conform to minority cultures and “learning styles.” When white students protest these things, the minorities, in D’Souza’s words, “conclude that they have discovered the latent bigotry for which they have been searching.”

In sum, the result of admitting large numbers of unqualified minorities into a university is that whites start to be demonized as racist and are systematically silenced, while their civilizational heritage is attacked as unrepresentative and illegitimate and begins to be systematically dismantled.

Now if all these things happen when you admit large numbers of nonwhite students into a predominantly white school, what happens when you admit massive numbers of nonwhite immigrants into a predominantly white society? The very same things. The failure of the nonwhite population to fit into the society is blamed on the society itself, rather than on the fact that they were admitted in the first place. The white majority starts to be demonized as racist and is systematically silenced, while its civilization is attacked as unrepresentative and begins to be systematically dismantled.

The great irony is that the admission of nonwhites is supposed to prove that the society is nonracist and egalitarian, yet the more nonwhites are admitted, the more racist and unequal the society seems.

Multiculturalism and the War Against White America

The Racism Cycle:

  1. Suppress the truth about racial differences
  2. When they emerge anyway, allege white racism
  3. Use the allegation as a pretext to institute anti-white policies
  4. When whites react, it represents confirmation of the alleged racism
  5. Demand more dismantling of white civilization as remedy
  6. Return to point 1

War To The Knife


The Left wants a browner America, as does the Cuckold Right. The Alt Right pulls in the opposite direction, wanting a whiter America.

The Left justifies more brown by denouncing whites as morally inferior and by demanding demographic reduction to atone for past oppression.

The Alt Right justifies more white by denouncing demographic reduction as a criminal violation of Article 2(c) of the Genocide Convention of 1948.

The Left calls Alt Rightists racists. The Alt Right calls Leftists genocide criminals.

The Left agenda is to use mass immigration to kill the Right demographically. The Alt Right agenda is to use genocide tribunals to kill the Left judicially.

A man cannot coexist with those who seek his eradication. War to the knife it is.

Crypto Racism


Leftists are not anti-racists but rather crypto racists (hidden racists).

Leftists believe that the solution to racism is a mixed race world. They believe that pure race people are morally inferior because they cause war and division.

Conversely, they believe that mixed race people are morally superior because they bring peace and harmony.

The Leftist utopian ideal therefore involves eliminating pure race people in favor of mixed race people. This is why they consider replacement migration a good thing.

When you wish to eliminate blacks in order to favor whites, you are by definition a white racist who hates blacks.

Since Leftists wish to eliminate white people in order to favor mixed race people, Leftists are by definition mixed race racists who hate whites.

As such the ethnic dimension to the Left-Right divide is not anti-racism vs. racism but rather crypto racism vs. racism